I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about the value of what I do, and more precisely how different people perceive it.

To me, playing the piano is everything. To others it’s just a hobby.

To others still, an irritating noise!

What about TEACHING someone to learn piano?

I’ve started to become more aware that even the words “teaching” & “learn” may themselves put people off! After all, how many of us truly enjoy the experience of “learning” a new skill? It’s much more enjoyable to actually be able to DO it at the end of the process, or in this case, just PLAY.

As I’ve been thinking about the value of how I help busy people to be able play their favourite music, I’ve more & more realised that it’s impossible to easily convey the true value of what I do to absolutely everyone.

Some people compare it to traditional piano lessons: travelling to & from someone’s house, boring exercises & scales, tied to the same time every week for a short burst of contact with a teacher. Some people compare it to just another piano course online: get loads of content, for hardly any money. But what happens when you’re stuck & need some help?


I want to get people playing AND give support, with the bonus of destressing from work. Surely there’s value in that?