Give Your Family The Gift of Reading Music,
Without Frustrating, Dull and Lengthy Lessons

Hi, I’m Mark Deeks, you may know me from my work with the BBC, Sing United & Gareth Malone. I’ve been a professional musician who has performed internationally for more than 20 years, and worked with artists such as Faye Tozer (Steps), The Royal Northern Sinfonia & Lindisfarne to name just a few.

I’ve provided services as a musical director, pianist and composer and have worked with a wide range of people helping improve their musical abilities, from teaching Lenny Henry the piano to coaching choirs for the BBC.

During my career I have helped hundreds of people get “up to speed” and reading music quickly, I developed a system to help anyone read and understand sheet music no matter what their age or experience.

This is the first time I am giving you the opportunity to learn to read music using The Mark Deeks Method – Read The Dots.
Discover how you (and your family members) can avoid the embarrassment, frustration and creeping dread when you’re handed the sheet music…

Have You EVER Thought or Said…

“I’ve always wanted to read music, but it’s too hard”

“I love singing but I can’t follow the music we’re given”

“I play in a band but the others use terms I don’t understand”

“I gave up playing – I couldn’t read the music fast enough”

But it’s not your fault!

Other teaching systems are dry, paper-based and highly
academic, and often refer to a specific instrument, which is
off-putting before even getting to the stuff you want to know!

It’s no wonder most of the people I start teaching think
reading music is hard, requires years of practice and is
too complicated. I’ve even had people say

“Mark, I’m just not smart enough to learn to read music…”


I believe that ANYONE can learn to
read music using Read The Dots and
now you can too, and give your family
(or friends) access too!

So… What is Read The Dots?

Read The Dots is a comprehensive but simple system of short videos that build your music reading abilities and confidence when reading music.

“It’s like a Netflix ‘boxset’ for
learning to read music!”

Anyone who can use a laptop, tablet, phone or desktop computer can access a structured series of short videos that condense all the ‘good stuff’ into simple, easy to understand lessons.

This is all backed up with the Read The Dots family-friendly, members only Facebook group where I answer your questions, offer members further guidance, and share regular video updates to help with your progress.

My mission is to make learning to read music accessible to ANYONE of ANY age, and my system Read The Dots uses simple short videos and easy to understand course materials so that anyone, with ANY musical ability can do it.

What Users Say About Read The Dots…

Some of the comments my subscribers have shared
with me publicly and spontaneously after signing up

“I really enjoy the videos,
they can be fitted into a
busy lifestyle.

Highly Recommended.”

Fiona, Read The Dots subscriber

It’s really nice to revist
beginner stuff too.”

Dan, Read The Dots subscriber

“Clear, easy to follow, in
handy bite-sized chunks”

Jane, Read The Dots subscriber

“THE investment
of the year!”

Darren, Read The Dots subscriber

“Videos are well presented and easy
to follow. Being able to dip in and out
whenever you have the time is a
great benefit, can set (your) own
pace and milestones.”

Malcolm, Read The Dots subscriber

What Will I Learn With Read The Dots?

Read the Dots covers EVERYTHING you and your family need to know about sight reading music.

No matter what level of musical ability you or your family members currently have, beginner or pro, if you want to learn how to read music, then the Read The Dots course shows you EXACTLY what you need to know.

Here are just some of the 60+ topics you all get access to…

  • Basic Reading Concepts
  • Dynamics & Clefs
  • Beat vs Rhythm
  • Your 5 Most Important Note Lengths
  • Time Signatures
  • Basic Rhythm Reading
  • Using Key Signatures
  • Major Scales
  • Types of Minor Scale
  • The Scale Spelling Method
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • The Blues Scale
  • Counting in Music
  • The Modes
  • Chords and Harmony
  • Major and Minor Triads
  • Sus Chords
  • Extended and Altered Chords

…Plus much, MUCH more! Your family subscription gives you and 3 other family members access to over 60 professionally produced videos and a whole library of support materials: it’s a genuine bargain at the current price!

Read The Dots is packed with 20+ years of professional musical
experience, and added all the tips, tricks and ‘secrets’ I have
learned whilst performing, teaching, training, conducting
and directing people of all ages. All of this is condensed into
Read The Dots and for the first time it is available to EVERYONE!

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What Do I Get Subscribing to Read The Dots?

Read The Dots is the complete package to learn how to read music. With your family license here’s what you get access to…

  • Over 60 ‘Bite-Size’ training videos
  • 7 Bonus videos (Coming Summer 2019)
  • Mark off your own progress
  • Step by step learning program
  • Library of reference materials
  • Test yourself with worksheets and answer sheets
  • A ‘jargon buster’ PDF guide
  • Access to Members Only Facebook group
  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • 100% Moneyback guarantee

All Backed by My 30 Day ‘No Quibble’ No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee, for Your Total Peace of Mind.

You Now Have a Simple Choice to Get Started

Choose from a Single User Licence giving one person access, or a Family Licence giving access to four users at a time.



I’ve been told “you’re mad” to offer 60+ videos, all the support materials plus access to me directly via the Facebook Group for less than £20 per user, but I want to ensure as many people as possible have access to Read The Dots. I look forward to helping you increase your confidence reading music…

Don’t Forget!

Your Licence is Backed by My 30 Day ‘No Quibble’ No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee for Your Total Peace of Mind.

If you have ANY questions about Read The Dots OR
reading music join my FREE Facebook group click here.