Beginner Piano Legend


Whether you are a complete beginner piano player, or its been many years since you touched one and would like a great place to start, this course is for you.

More than 6 hours of lessons, each broken into bitesized chunks designed to fit into your day, this is the perfect course to make sure you don’t start with any bad habits.

PLUS – 6 weeks membership of my Piano Legends community where you can ask questions and get direct access to me for support.



Know that your piano journey just got off to a great start, easier than you could have imagined.

More than 6 hours of video lessons ready to watch again and again.

PLUS 6 weeks of direct access to and support from me inside my Piano Legends community.

Session 1 including:
Let’s start getting your fingers moving (even if you’re not at the piano)
The secret to learning piano that sounds mad


Session 2 including:
Let’s play without looking already!
How to fit playing into your day


Session 3 including:
Building your stamina
What’s the one thing everyone thinks about piano playing that’s wrong?


Session 4 including:
There are only 12 notes
The 4 chord song concept


Session 5 including:
Some common sequences you will use all the time
Introducing the secret left hand technique


Session 6 including:
Tips to reading music
Start playing John Lennon, Journey and Alicia Keys


Session 7 including:
Recaps, extras and questions answered