Why Online Piano Courses Suck!

(…that got your attention!)

Are you tired of online piano courses that sell you a bunch of stuff then leave you on your own to figure it out?

Are you frustrated by courses that promise “Piano for all” but leave you stuck without a clue how to even get started?

Maybe you have a course sat on your hard drive that you never finished because you couldn’t get an answer to a question?

Would you love to have a real live piano tutor but just can’t afford the time, money and commitment?

There IS an alternative…
and I’ll be there to support you.

Complete beginner? Start here. A 7 video series, perfect if you’re a complete beginner, or want a refresh first.

Want to quickly get playing chords? This 6 video series course shows you everything you need to know.

The home of my very best quickfire tips designed to level up your playing as fast as possible.

I LOVE that you’re keen! Let’s see you playing this collection of some really cool extra tips.

A chance to get some quick results by focussing on a few of the most essential skills when it comes to reading music.

Ready for songs? This is the place to start. Your journey playing your favourite songs starts here.

A note or two more here, a change of hand position there, take your skills and step them up.

Move around more of the keyboard, and use trickier rhythms or hand shapes with some classic songs.

Start playing for a slightly longer period and build your stamina, as your skills begin to develop.

Play not only more complex arrangements but also learn to interpret different forms of notation.

Do any of these sound like you?

“I’ve always wanted to play the piano but…”

“I wish I could just sit down at the piano and play…”

“My old piano teacher used to make me play loads of scales…”

“I haven’t got time to go to piano lessons every week…”


Don’t worry. There’s a solution.

What is Piano Legends?

* Online piano membership with teacher support when you want it

* Play from the comfort of your home

* Play songs not scales

* Save time travelling

* Play when it's convenient to YOU

* Have video lessons that you can pause or replay

* Save money on 1-2-1 lessons

See inside the Members Area

What members (we call them Legends!) say about Piano Legends…

What will I get access to in Piano Legends?

  1. FIVE courses full of tutorial videos for some of the greatest songs of all time

  2. New song tutorials added every month

  3. Extra tips & technique videos

  4. Two bonus courses ideal for beginners

  5. A 30 Second Video Vault: bitesized extras

  6. A library of reference guides, cheat sheets & even more helpful stuff!

  7. Exclusive access to our super supportive Members only Facebook community

  8. Weekly Q&As with me to answer your questions

  9. Post videos in the group for feedback whenever you want

…and you can access all the materials 24 hours a day, on the device of your choice,

for a FRACTION of the cost of 1-2-1 lessons.

Hi, I’m Mark Deeks. You may know me from my work with the BBC, Sing United & Gareth Malone. I’ve also worked with artists such as Faye Tozer (Steps), The Royal Northern Sinfonia, Lindisfarne and Sonata Arctica to name just a few.

I’ve been a professional musician and have performed internationally for more than 20 years. I’ve provided services as a musical director, pianist, composer and arranger. And I’ve worked with a wide range of people to help improve their musical abilities, from teaching Lenny Henry the piano to coaching choirs for the BBC.

During my career I have had SO many people say sentences to me that started with the words:


“I wish I could just sit down at the piano and play…”

Let’s answer some of your questions… 


* Does this work for keyboard as well as piano?

Absolutely – The notes are the same and they’re in the same place! There are SOME differences between keyboard playing and piano playing in terms of the jobs your hands do, but for the purpose of learning the materials here, either is great! 


* Do I need an expensive piano or keyboard?

Absolutely not! As with many things, how much you spend on what you’re going to play can vary widely. I made a basic guide to buying a piano or keyboard that you can see HERE but if you’re considering buying something and want some advice, come over to my free Facebook Group Play Piano in 30 Seconds and send me a message or a link. Alternatively you can email me HERE. Typically you can pick a keyboard up that will do the job from around £80-£200. There are also many free pianos on Gumtree and  Facebook Marketplace (sadly!)


* Do I need any fancy features on a keyboard?

Not at all. Just make sure that if you’re buying a keyboard that the keys are “touch sensitive” (the harder you hit them the louder they get!). Any references to “weighted keys”, “semi-weighted keys” or “hammer action” in the instrument specs will also be great.


* So, let me get this straight… you’ll actually be there to support me, answer my questions and give me feedback… like a real teacher?!?

Absolutely! There’s members group where you can do all of that and more! Post your videos for feedback from me, and other Legends will be there to encourage you too!


And now, here’s the best bit…

Right now you get it ALL for
just £14.99 per month

That’s less than 50p a day for all this content AND direct access to a piano teacher whenever you want it. 

Don’t Forget!

Your Subscription is Backed by My 30 Day ‘No Quibble’ No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee for Your Total Peace of Mind.