Solo Material

Lightburst (2016)

“A truly outstanding album. One of my albums of the year”. (Kathy Parsons, Mainly

Nine new piano solo pieces, with a total running time of more than forty minutes. As a proud product of the region I call home, all tracks are titled in the language of Old Northumbrian, and named after words connected with different aspects of nature’s light.

The album Lightburst is available as CD, digital download, AND as sheet music from the official Mark Deeks homepage HERE.

Safesake (2010)
Lift the Sun

“A down-to-earth, dark taster of folk-tinged elegance … Mark’s greatest strength is his sure melodies. The arrangements ache along cleanly, feeling like the songs are holding something blacker back.” (Rock-a-Rolla Magazine)

‘Safesake’ is a journey of a singer-songwriter longing for a simpler world, and an album that has a stubborn resolve to find a positive approach to adversity. My aim was to make the unusual time signatures never feel forced and balance with strong hooks, to accompany stories of our battle against “progress”.

CDs of ‘Safesake’ are now sold out. However the album can still be purchased digitally for just £4 on my Bandcamp page HERE.